PLAYBAR only with PC - no TV connection intended!

  • 31 October 2016
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I am interested getting a SONOS PLAYBAR + SUB (and eventually extend it later to 5.1). I want to use it only as a PC speakers replacement, thus not planning to have a TV connected to it at all.
I use my PC as TV (analog TV card) and watching e.g. Netflix over the PC.
For now I have a 5.1 PC speaker system that I connect to my PC integrated sound card via stereo jacks. My audio card has a SPDIF output.
In case this is possible, I also get instant audio signal without any delay, right?

Thank you for your answers

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3 replies

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A Optical to Optical SPDIF output will work with the Playbar with no problem. However, getting DD 5.1 depends if your PC Audio card will pass DD 5.1 over optical.

If your SPDIF is Digital -Out you'll need a cable like the one below assuming it is 3.5 mm.

If the Digital Out on your PC is RCA Type you'll may need a converter as shown in this second pic.

Audio should be instant but I can't guarantee since I've never used the setup you are contemplating. Just make sure you purchase your components from a dealer with a liberal return policy. Please Post back with your findings. Good Luck!
Hi AjTrek1 and thank you for your reply.
I prefered to ask some people here as my setup with PC only is probably very exotic for this sound system and vendors at the local store usually don't know much about this.
(My PC Digi Out is not RCA Type btw).
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Hi TimH69

You're welcome. FYI, the Sonos Controller App will allow you to adjust lip sync (video with audio). Let us know how things turn out (especially regarding the instant audio). It will be helpful for future reference.