Playbar not recognized by Samsung UN55KU6300

  • 16 October 2016
  • 9 replies

I recently bought a Samsung UN55KU6300 as well as a Playbar. The tv doesn't have an infrared receiver, and so the Playbar is not identifying the tv's remote. Because of this I cannot use my tv remote to control the volume on my Playbar. Has anyone experienced this and is there a work around?

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9 replies

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Welcome to the community, JWinefsky. Here's an article that should prove useful to you. If not, we'd be keen to hear back from you. Let us know how you go.
The article does not address the TV I purchased. The Samsung UN55KU6300 (2016 model) has a remote control that is powered by bluetooth, rather than IR. There is no IR receiver that connects to the TV. How else can the Playbar sync with the TV's volume?
Hello, I have the same problem: the Paybar doesn't recongnize my Samsung UN65KU6300 (2016 model) remote control. So far, I need to change the volume using the Sonos phone app.
pjcalafi - this was a headache for me for a few weeks. The Sonos hardware will not respond to the bluetooth remote control that comes with the new Samsung televisions. I had no luck finding an adapter for the Playbar or finding an infrared remote that worked with the Samsung television. I bought a different television to use with the Playbar. It would be great if Sonos could develop an adapter for different types of signals.
Thanks for your quick reply! I hope Sonos can update its software (not sure if this is a hardware issue). Worst case, I may return the Playbar since the TV has decent speakers.
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Buy any infrared Samsung remote. They are cheap
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The PlayBar only works with IR not RF. It will work with most IR remotes.
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Many people buying newer 2016 Samsung TVs are having to configure the universal remote function of the TV, if it has such a function, to control their Sonos system. That Bluetooth remote actually does send IR codes for other devices like Blu-Ray players and whatnot, but it needs to be set up in the TV to do so. On 2016 TVs, the universal remote option isn't buried in the settings menus like mentioned in Edward's support article, but instead on fhe home screen panel where you select your inputs. In reality, you could pick any home theater manufacturer (I picked Sony for mine, since I had already trained my Playbar with a Sony remote).

I had it working for a while on my UN55KS8000 TV... but a recent firmware update to the TV must have changed something (it seemed to stop working for whatever reason), so I went back to using my Harmony remote. BTW, my 8-series TV actually does have an IR sensor, and I'm pretty sure the 6-series model you have does too. On Samsung TVs, the IR sensor usually has a red light when the TV is off.
I have this same TV and all you have to do is set up the remote as a Universal Remote (Settings-> Universal Remote). This changes the signal to Infrared so it can work with other devices (not just Sonos). Hope this helps.