PLAYBAR: metal grill

  • 7 October 2013
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A Sonos customer suggested: metal grill instead of a fabric cover for the Sonos PLAYBAR. Leave your support here.

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6 replies

I agree. I was about to purchase a playbar today but when I saw it on display, it seemed like an obvious flaw. The cover is light fabric which seems to attract dust and it seems difficult to remove. All display items just looked a mess. Secondly we have cats. Therefore, this is a major risk (I have already had a set of B&W speakers used as a scratching post but luckily the grills have been replaceable).
I'd like to know if Sonos would consider a nice piano black grill of the same material which is used on all of the other devices?
If the won't, how about an option to have a grill of the same material which can be placed over the playbar to protect it as an optional extra?
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I have a Playbar.

The fabric is easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaners appropriate tool. Mine is mounted high enough so that my 2 Norwegian Forest Cats, each 6,25 Kg of fluffy sharp clawed scratch monsters. So I haven't had an issue.

Sonos won't be announcing any changes up-front as it it just isn't the way they do business.

So there is no way of knowing if they will bring a modified grille out - personally I doubt it. I don't recall seeing lots of threads with people having issues with the covering of the Playbar.
One reply in two years, probably tells you everything you need to know.
The fabric (aka dust magnet) is the reason I haven't bought one! The original Sony Bravia had the same problem. Then Sony changed to a metal grill. If Sonos go to metal I'll buy one in an instant... until then I'll keep looking around for other options.
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There's no problem whatsoever with the fabric covering. It is no more nor less of a dust magnet than any other piece of furniture in my house. I feel you are the rule denying yourself this "treat" because it lacks a metal grille then you are making a big mistake because the fabric isn't an issue and it is most unlikely to change.

I suspect this is just an excuse though.
The fabric ends up a filthy trucking mess! Until I can wipe the dust off it with a damp cloth I sure as truck won't be buying one. And for trucks sake it's a speaker! I can live without it!!