Playbar makes 2 loud popping noises when I turn off my PS4 (& new PS4 pro)

  • 7 March 2017
  • 1 reply

When I set my original PS4 (and new PS4 Pro) to dolby digital for 5.1 sound I find that when i turn off my PS4 (and now the Pro which has replaced it) I get several loud popping noises from the speaker when the PS is fully off. I find that if I set the PS to the 1st audio option (stereo) I don't get this fault but when I revert PS4 setting to dolby digital (not DTS) I get the popping noise again when PS4 is powered down.
Have spent 90 mins with Sonos tech support who are being helpful and trying to resolve (submitted 2 diagnostic tests etc).

I should point out that when the PS4 is set to dolby digital the sound etc is perfectly fine in every respect its only an issue on PS4 power down.

I did find the playbar made a popping noise last night after unpausing Sky Q but this appears to be a one off incident I can;t replicate

Has anyone else had this problem or know why the playbar does this ?

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1 reply

If I were to hazard a guess, it's a function of the shut down process of the PS4, sending a errant signal when it gets turned off.

Basically, the Playbar just plays any signal it receives through the optical cable. So, unless it's doing popping sounds when nothing is turned on at all, then it's likely whatever signal is being received.