Playbar Location and Orientation on Mantle

  • 3 December 2016
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I've been searching but haven't found a good answer to this topic...

I'm going to be mounting a TV above a fireplace (you will be slightly looking up when sitting) and I was going to put my playbar on the mantle. Which orientation should the playbar have, vertical or horizontal? Horizontal seems to suggest sound shooting at an upward angle toward the ceiling and vertical will be shooting downward toward the feet of the watcher.

Also, I know 4+ inches is required if mounting vertical but if it sits on the mantle, is this required?


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5 replies

OK, I'll admit to amusing myself by picturing the Playbar vertically along side the TV set, when I think you mean something completely different.

In all honesty, I think it's a decision you'll have to take yourself, by trying it in both positions. I've done both for months at a time, and finally decided I liked it "flat" rather than "standing" (or horizontal rather than vertical?) but I think it makes more of a difference based on where it is mounted. If it's above the TV, then "standing" makes more sense to me, if it's below the TV/head level, then sitting/horizontal makes more sense. But it boils down to how it sounds to you, and I found it not to be much of a difference.

You're welcome, for being no help whatsoever 🙂
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It shouldn't make much of a difference. in regards to the sound. If you read or watch some of the online reviews of the Playbar, some of them point out that the Playbar has an accelerometer in it that detects it's orientation and adjusts the digital sound processing accordingly to compensate.
I have it installed flat on our mantle above the fireplace. Tried both ways and I didn't notice any difference so I went with what fit best. I do miss that you can't see the Sonos "label" when it is flat.
Laugh. Good for you.

Although in a month, you won't even "see" the bar, it will fade into the background, and you'll just be enjoying the TV sound.
Be careful if you light the fire - could prove to be very expensive... 🙂