Playbar gen 2 update?

  • 6 September 2019
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I have not seen any post about this question in over a year, so hopefully there is current news? Can we get an update on the next version of the Playbar? As stated in many of the threads its overdue and the potential upgrades are needed. Personally, I'm looking for a blue tooth option since everything I have is running throught a mac mini and it has no optical out option...

6 replies

Sonos doesn’t talk about upcoming hardware releases that are the pipeline, until they’re ready to release much like the announcements today about the Sonos SL,the Sonos Move, and the Sonos Port, so you’re unlikely to get any data from the company.

That being said, I’d highly doubt that you’d ever see Bluetooth on a soundbar, the Bluetooth spec, to my knowledge, only has the bandwidth for a stereo signal and not a Dolby Digital signal.

For your situation, right now, you’d probably want the stream being split from the HDMI via an HDMI switch that has an optical output. There is a lot of discussion regarding this solution in this very area of the forum, as there are a plethora of people in a similar situation, with TVs that don’t have either HDMI-ARC or an optical out.
Thanks. I was looking into splitters etc and would consider if this was a new speaker. I just hate the idea of buying 6 year old tech... I fear buying it, then the new one comes out. Might go for the Bose...
Understood. I guess it’s like buying a couple of year old Mac. Still runs the latest MacOS, works just like s new Mac, but isn’t the latest hardware.

To me, the integration with the rest of the Sonos ecosystem is important. But if you’re looking for only a computer speaker, there is a wide variety of choices.
After todays new products announcements the playbar is the only remaining product in Sonos line up that is not Airplay 2 compatible, so it’s definitely overdue for a refresh. As to when that will happen is anyones guess. The most requested features are probably Airplay 2 compatibility, HDMI arc input, Dolby Atmos and DTS compatibility. A smaller sub and satellite atmos speakers have also been rumored. Here’s to hoping!

I’m hoping for something along the lines of the new B&O sound-bar announced recently, but with the ability to add surrounds and even the in-ceiling speakers for a true Dolby atmos set up. Simulated Atmos is never gonna be the same as having actual speakers to spread the sound around.

I'm with you. Waiting for the updated hardware before I commit to a set up. Got to be coming in 2020 surely.

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I’m liking all these rumors about a new Playbar. I’m in the market now to get the Sonos home theatre package but I might wait a bit to see if a new Playbar comes out. I’m in no rush. Granted, I know these are all rumors and we’ll have to wait and see. But it would be nice for an update.