Playbar cuts in and out when streaming

  • 17 December 2020
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I have a Playbar on a TV in a room which also has speakers fed from a connect amp. When streaming the radio with both in a group the Playbar will cut out for around 5 - 10 seconds then cut back in, the speakers connected to the connect amp do not cut out.

The playbar is hard wired with the wifi disabled, the TV is switched off. I have also tried with the wifi left on same result.

When playing sound from the TV via optical there is no issue.




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1 reply

Why have you disabled the “WiFi” (i.e. the radios) on the Playbar? 

If it’s the only wired component the other Sonos units will be having to connect over WiFi instead of the more robust SonosNet mesh. Grouping problems are then quite likely. Any surrounds/Sub bonded to the Playbar would be even more compromised.

Turn the “WiFi” setting back on. Wait 5 minutes. Go to Settings/System/About My System and check that all units show WM:0. If any don’t, then power them off and on, wait 2 mins and check again. When all say WM:0 then go to Settings/System/Network and remove your WiFi details.