Playbar + Connect:AMP: mute entire group using TV remote

  • 1 May 2013
  • 5 replies

I have a Playbar grouped with two sets of Connect:AMP speakers but I would like the ability to Pair (or some hybrid of grouping and pairing) them, even if surround sound wasn't supported, so the Connect:AMP speakers would also mute when I mute TV sound on the Playbar using the TV remote. Thanks!!!

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5 replies

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To extend this idea a little - I love being able to use my TV remote to mute music when playing it through my Playbar, but I would like to be able to mute all the zones I've added to it with the remote control if I'm playing music throughout the house.
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3 years and still nothing

what's the point of muting the TV if the other grouped speakers are still on ???
I'll tell you what you should do, spam every single #$%@ing thread on the subject, because that won't annoy anyone at all.
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@The LHC - come on, everyone is entitled to their opinion

just because it's not your problem, it doesn't mean it's not valid

i happen to have the same problem and it's stupid how 3 years later and still no response from support
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Never going to happen though is it? Take half an hour and think it through.