Playbar and Sub enough for what i need??

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I am moving into my new house in a few weeks and I am buying the TCL 65' 6 Series that just came out and I want to get a Soundbar for it in my living room since I don't want wires running all over. Guy at work recommended it so I went to BestBuy to listen to it and it sounded awesome with the Subwoofer. I have a few questions though. My room is 14X10 rectangle shape with tv and couch on furthest walls. I am assuming this will be enough? I want it to be loud and crisp. I typically just watch tv and listen to music from ITunes and occasional movies. ITS Roku tv so I will be streaming YouTube Tv for my cable needs and Netflix from the Roku tv as well. Will I have any issues with Dolby or DTS or any of that stuff? Thought I read somewhere here that if you run a show with DTS you wont any sound from speakers??? any help for a newbie would be appreciated. thanks

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Hi elykoj (or anyone reading this)

Maybe you have already gotten the info you need. Looks like your post was overlooked. 😞

In a room 14 x 10 a Playbar and sub is definitely enough. You might even consider a Sonos Beam.

Playbar vs Beam:
Playbar connects only via optical
Beam connects via HDMI_ARC and optical_has Alexa to control TV on/off provided it's ARC compatible_AirPlay 2 compatible

DD5.1 and DTS:
DD5.1 is processed natively by both Playbar and Beam. Read the article in the link regarding DTS and other codecs. I have no problem with any codec outside of DD5.1:

Adding surrounds will complete the HT setup. If you have an iOS device (or can borrow one) you can use TruePlay to fine tune the audio to your environment. Also, surrounds can be set to FULL (affect musics only) in the Sonos app to enjoy room filling sound for music playback. No need to turn on your TV to enjoy music.

I hope this helps and sorry for the late response. Cheers!
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The Playbar is obsolete now. Sonos really needs to come out with a replacement with HDMI, Alexa and Airplay 2. They should also get ride of the Playbase and it's high treble while they are at it. Just have a large and small Beam. Oh and a cheaper and smaller subwoofer option for Beam owners. Plus a 5 with Alexa.
Given the size of your room a beam would be good since it has all that latest functionality.
Add rear One's or 1's. Very nice 5.1 combination.
Obsolete? I wouldn't say that. In need of an update, I'd agree with.

I've got 2 PLAYBARS in use in my home, they continue to work extraordinarily well. f I had a third TV in a larger room, I'd consider getting a 3rd PLAYBAR.
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Lovin' my Playbar over here! Does everything I need it to do and doesn't feel obsolete to me. The sound quality is still excellent.