PlayBar and distance to Surrounds

  • 6 December 2016
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HI All,

So my neighbors have a PlayBar and just added two Play1s as surrounds, Everything works great and sounds amazing when they are using them for TV. During cocktail hour they want to take one of the Play1s outside to listen to music. So I thought the easiest way is to leave them bounded to the PlayBar and just take them out side. The distance to the PlayBar is maybe 5 meters but, there is a wall in between the PlayBar and the Play1 (when it is outside on the outside cocktail table). Well the Play1 is just breaking up as it is just a little to far from the PlayBar (I think) They do have a Boost in the system and it is near the PlayBar.

If I did not bound the Play1s to the PlayBar I am thinking they would play fine but, that is a real hassle to bound and unbound them every cocktail hour.

The easiest thing to to buy another Play1

Any thoughts on the best way to do this?


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1 reply

Buy another PLAY:1. There are holiday deals in many regions.

It'll actually play both channels (in mono) instead of the rather half-baked attempt to use a single-channel surround speaker. Moreover it'll talk to the BOOST over 2.4GHz SonosNet, not directly to the PLAYBAR over 5GHz. The latter is why you're not seeing much in the way of range and wall penetration.