Play Bar in Home Theater Media Cabinet

  • 2 August 2017
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I'm building a new home theater in my basement with my existing playbar. Does anyone have experience putting It in a cabinet? How has it affected channel separation?

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4 replies

Highly not recommended. If you look at the the image of the speakers in the Playbar at:

you'll see that there are speakers pointing up at a 45 degree angle, as well as speakers that point out the side. Putting any surfaces in the way of the sound coming from those speakers would make it not function very well. I don't think you'd like the sound it generated in a cabinet, even with the TruePlay tuning enabled.
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That was my suspicion having seen that picture before, I was hoping someone was going to tell me otherwise 🙂. Originally I was looking for a console not taller than 21" high and I saw some Salamander ones that were perfect and the Sonos speaker would fit in it (and of course they have pictures of Sonos in them, lol).

Now I really need to find one
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.. find one shorter than 20"
Good luck!. I found that mounting my TV on a couple of shelves lying on top of cabinet raised it enough to clear the top of the Playbar. And using 2 shelves allowed me the space in the center to run the cabling. 🙂