Play 1 surrounds no longer working

  • 14 November 2017
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Diagnostic report 8079857. I've had my system for about 4 months. I had my Playbar connected wirelessly to my network and added a sub and two Play 1 for the surrounds. It worked great until about a month ago when the left surround started dropping off. When looking at room settings in the app, it would say (+SUB+?+RS). I tried removing from power for 30 seconds, removing surrounds, adding surrounds. Sometimes it would work for a few minutes and then drop off again. I tried setting it up as the right surround speaker and even switched physical sides and the issue followed, app showed (+SUB+LS+?). My system has received all the updates and I even have since hooked up my Playbar via a wired network connection with no improvement. I attempt to remove/add surrounds and it detects the speaker long enough to advance the app but is followed by the message "Setup Problem: There was a problem preparing your speakers. Please check your network connection or the power on your speakers in this room." The network connection is good, all white lights on speakers. I even tried factory reset (which I later found out may not have been a good idea) and no improvement. Only one of the Play 1s show up on the "About my Sonos System" section. I have tried everything I've learned in the forums and have no idea what to do next. Any help would be appreciated.

3 replies

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This sounds like a connection issue. Have you tried changing channel? Are you using Wi-Fi or SonosNet to link your Sonos devices? If you are unsure open the Sonos app>about and if the WM setting is not 0 then you are using Wi-Fi. If you have the ability to plug a player into a wired connection, try removing the Wi-Fi connection details, reboot your devices and see if this improves the issue.
Hi UK Media;
I had a similar issue. I am not certain why my surrounds came offline but I had noticed low/no volume in the last movie.
I noticed that a some point, I connected my playbar via ethernet but kept my surrounds as wireless (on the same network). When I removed the surrounds and added them again to the Playbar, they functioned as surrounds once again.
It may be the case that for initial setup, the playbar and surrounds must be on the same network and same connection type (wireless).

I hope this helps!
I had a similar issue with a PlayBase and One surrounds. Sonos were able to diagnose a fault in the PlayBase with the diagnostics and replaced the unit which fixed the problem.