Plasma TV pioneer pdp436pe no sound

  • 8 March 2017
  • 1 reply

I bought used plasma pioneer tv without original speakers, therefor i plug my own one speaker in the tv back, where is plus and minus plug in. Problem is that, when i play xbox sound from speaker comes out, all is good, but when i watch tv channels sound didn't comes out. where is the problem?

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1 reply

What Sonos speaker are you connecting to the TV, and in what manner are you connecting it?

Based on what I can get from your post, I'd guess that the output from the XBox is something the speaker can deal with, and the output from the TV isn't.

Assuming that this is a Sonos speaker (and maybe a Playbar, since it's connected to a TV?) then you probably want to look at the audio settings for the TV to make sure that they're either set to Stereo or to Dolby Digital, and not something else. The same would go for anything that is also connected to the TV. You've got the Xbox set up properly, but if you have a cable box, a DVD player, a Bluray player, whatever, you should go in to each one and make sure that the signal is set to Dolby Digital.