Placing Playbar in a recessed wall shelf

  • 23 April 2017
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Placing Playbar flat in a recessed wall shelf

Hello all, since you guys have the experience - I need some expert advice!

Im building a new entertainment center and want to get the sonos playbar. however the opening underneath the tv was designed for another playbar - its 5" high. will this work if I lay the playbar flat at the lip? will there by a compromise in sound quality? it has 12" space on each side.

please help.

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2 replies

Hi straybullets. PLAYBAR was designed to be mounted flat on the wall, above or below the TV, or flat on a TV stand below the TV. Because of the speaker orientation inside the PLAYBAR, for maximum audio quality we don't recommend placing it into recessed walls or cabinets.

Of course, you can always try it out and see how it sounds. You may like it.
Try placing a small block of wood underneath center back of playbar to aim the drivers more towards the room and out of the space in your recessed area.