PC -> LG CX with Beam2, Sub3 and 2x One SL's

  • 25 November 2021
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Yesterday I ordered everything that I mentioned in the title. So far I owned the Symfonisk only and experienced audio-video delays while using it with my windows PC via TuneBlade app (basically AirPlay simulator). Easily fixed when using VLC, but a nightmare when using Netflix. 

Now I’m going through the forum and see multiple threads from the past regarding lip sync issues on LG TV’s. Were those ever resolved? 

Also, I’m planning on using the TV for Netflix and other on-board apps for watching movies and stuff, but on the other hand I want to plug in my PC, also for movie watching stuff that’s not available on the current streaming platforms. Am I going to face audio delay issues again? 


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Hi @Haezer,


You shouldn’t face any audio delays when using the Beam connected to your TV. You would simply hook up your PC to your TV via HDMI as an input source (basically using the TV as a monitor) and any audio should be sent from the TV straight to the Beam via HDMI ARC.