Optical Sound Distortion

  • 17 June 2018
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My Playbar 5.1 system has developed a strange issue where every so often the audio through the optical sounds distorted. It is like it is crackling. I have only noticed it with Dolby content and it is very distracting in movies. I have bought 2 new optical cables to try and they have the same issue also. I have also isolated both my Cable Box directly into the Playbar with the same issue and an Apple TV 4K via my TV with the same issue. I have therefore isolated the issue to the Playbar.

I reset my whole system to factory settings including sub and rear speakers and it is still having the issue. Anyone from Sonos know what could be happening? Network interference should not be affecting the sound via optical surely? Especially considering music playback is fine?

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3 replies

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Hi there, billiejoe87. Thanks for posting about this. I've seen cases like this pop-up and usually, it is tied to how the signal is being passed through the TV to the Playbar. If the problem were to be with the physical hardware the problem would be present regardless of the source (music, Dolby content, etc). Let's gather a little more information. What is the make and model of your TV? While replicating this issue, would you mind submitting a diagnostic report and replying here with the confirmation number it gives at the end?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Keith, I am working today but will try and replicate the issue when I get home.

As I said above though, I have plugged my Apple TV 4K and Cable Box directly into the playbar through a switcher completely bypassing the tv and the issue still occurs with brand new optical cables.

I have isolated the issue to the Playbar. For what it’s worth the TV is an LG Oled C7. The issue that TV has of Dolby Digital Lip Sync is not what I am referring to here.
I’m having this issue as well with an LG E8. I had an LG E6 and never had this issue.

Did you ever find a resolution?

Really appreciate the help!