Only one HDMI returns sound via Playbar

  • 13 December 2016
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Hi, I installed my Playbar today and as it turns out only HDMI 2 returns sound via the playbar. All other devices (not on HDMI 2 don't. If I switch a device to HDMI 2 that device works. Is someone also experiencing the same problem or maybe has a suggestion or fix? Thanks!

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8 replies

Sounds like it may be an issue with your TV set? If everything works using HDMI 2 input, but no other input, I'd say that the problem was on the TV, not the Sonos. Although I'd also have to admit I've never heard of a TV with one HDMI input being set up differently than the others. Seems like it would be harder to do them differently than have them all be the same.
Thank Airgetlam for you quick reply. Strange thing is when the same devices where connected to the same HDMI inputs via an amplifier there was no sound issue. So I suspect that this would not be an issue from the tv (at least not without the Playbar). I also read some other users with kind of the same issues....but no fix. One user did a total reinstall of Sonos and that fixed it, but I can't seem to do a full new setup (maybe you know how to do this ;-))
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The Playbar only has 1 input, via the optical cable, for playing TV sound - If there is a signal (that it can play) that is coming through the optical cable then the Playbar WILL play it (Assuming Playbar is set to Auto-Play or you haven't overridden play back to play music).

In other words this sounds like a problem with your TV - You need to check the audio settings and ensure that it is outputting the audio via the optical output for all HDMI inputs.
Thanks Stuart_W for your reply. Just to be sure my setup is completely correct. I connected the Player with the television via the optical cable and watching tv works as expected. I changed the settings for the tv to "External speaker" instead of "television speakers".

The issue I now have is that only devices connected to HDMI2 play sound (doesn't matter if it is my PVR, Apple TV, DVD player etc.). If I connect any of those devices to a different HDMI it fails sound.

Do you perhaps know how to setup the sonos Playbar again after having it setup initially?
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You don't need to change the set-up of the Playbar. The Playbar only knows to play when it receives audio via the Optical cable which you confirm is working.

You must test/trial your Audio settings for your TV - My Samsung seems to work with the settings of Audio as "Receiver" (Rather than TV speakers or external speakers) (But I use a 4 way HDMI audio/video switch and the ARC - Audio Return part of it is really screwed up!)

Hope that helps
Thanks that sure helps. I will dive deep into my Samsung setting and try to find a work around. Your reply really helps turning my focus to the TV (as both of you stated before) and not to the Playbar. Thanks again.
Problem is solved....and indeed it was related to the TV. Turns out that HDMI1 is HDMI/DVI input and needs an additional audio cable. So HDMI3 should work, but it also turns out I was using a so called HDMI/DVI cable with no sound support. Now with HDMI cable connected to HDMI 3 and/or 4 works also perfectly. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.
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