One SL not worth the money

  • 30 October 2022
  • 4 replies

After installation, turning, and running everything else available on both the App and my Samsung TV using ARC cable for voice, I can only get a whisper out of the speakers, currently TV volumes is set to 49 out 70 and the speakers still are silent… Room size isn’t a problem, if there a magically solution I’m all for it, if not returning them tomorrow….



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4 replies

Sorry, using them with Beam (gen2)

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Are you streaming music or watching tv? 
Are the surrounds set to Full rather than Ambient?

If tv, are you sure it has any surround sound being played? If it’s only a stereo program there’s nothing for them to play. 

There are some surround adjustments.

Your complaint is very common among new surround users, regardless of equipment manufacturer. The expectation is that you will be smacked in the rear by surround content. While watching TV, the surround output is mostly controlled by the program director. Action films can have very active surrounds during the chase scenes, documentaries not so much.

Play a very active film, such as Top Gun, then evaluate the benefits (or not) of surround sound.

Make sure you are actually getting Dolby Digital 5.1 from the source.  The source audio is displayed in the Room view in the Sonos app.  If not, adjust your source device and/or TV audio.