Octava Swith for Playbar (or Playbase)

  • 29 March 2017
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Hi everyone, new to the forum and currently planning to buy a Playbase once they are available. My question is about HDMI / Toslink switching for Playbars (and soon to be Playbases).

I know there is a lot of conversation about Monoprice vs. Octava in various threads, and my question is similar but, based on my particular objectives, incorporates both individual audio components and individual video/audio component. I have essentially eradicated all of my previous stereo unit by selling off my 5.1 speakers, sub, amplifier, CD player, and DVD player (which did not output HDMI).

My objective is to first have a high quality soundbar for my television to enhance the sound from cable box and Roku and, second, to be able to integrate a couple of stereo components into the Playbar/Base, which I realize is limited to one optical input. Basically, on the HDMI input side I need to have space for a Roku, a DVD player (with HDMI out), and my Cable Box and on the Toslink side i want a turntable and minidisc player (never mentioned in previous threads, not surprisingly). I've looked at the threads and the specs on the Octava and it looks like I could run the HDMI devices into the HD41 and then HDMI out to the television while running Toslink in from the stereo components and then Toslink out to the Playbar/Base. Will this provide me with the option of switching the HDMI source while still receiving high quality soundbar audio AND allow me to integrate my stereo components to the Playbar/Base if I want to listen to music? I'd like to have a better understanding of what to expect from an Octava prior to purchase. Thanks in advance for any input.

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3 replies

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I have invested in the Octava hd41, connected to several players and tv box. Previously with the playbar and now the playbase. Working really great, never have any problems with hdmi, arc etc. Also no audio drops or those kind of problems. Really recommended if optical output cannot be provided by the tv. Officially not supported though...
are all your inputs into the hd41 via HDMI, or do you have any solely audio inputs - like a turntable, as well?
just to close the loop on this question - i did purchase a used Octava unit and have been generally impressed with the added functionality. my setup now runs HDMI inputs from a roku, dvd player, cable box, and firestick while additionally running digital optical audio in from the dvd, a minidisc deck, and a turn table. the optical out from the Octava runs to a sonos playbase and i have now been able to merge my HDMI devices from the tv and my audio components from my stereo into one switch device. this greatly reduced my equipment, simplified my setup, and gets my audio throughout the house to my other sonos speakers. i am, however, still working to get the turntable up and running as the RCA to optical converter that i purchased from amazon was non-functional. once i can convert the RCA signal to a toslink cable, i should have all audio components up and running.