Not enough space to place ARC, should I skip it ?

  • 17 April 2021
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So, got my LG CX, 65”. Currently the problem is that I have 2 sonos ONE speakers, enjoying them for the last 3 years, and was looking forward to buy SONOS arc for ultimate TV experience (not getting the sub atm). 

The problem however is the placement. I don’t have that much space. Wall mount is not an option. Any suggestions ? Based on the pictures and my calculations I know I can move back the TV to the wall to fit the Arc on the shelf, however, I might need to put “something” in the same shape for LG CX65” under so it “lifts up” so to speak. By lifting up I mean see all of the screen as ARC will block (9CM tall) the tv view.

Anybody has / had similar issue? What kind of solution that would be? Thanks in advance! 



5 replies

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You could look at getting a height-adjustable TV stand like this:

I would try putting the TV on an object of some kind to lift it up a bit. Some here recommend the ‘LACK’ shelf from IKEA.

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Had the same issue, bought one of these and works perfect on my 55" but supports 65". Also isn't too far away from the wall with it either. 

Nice flex also in your picture haha :p

My mate also uses one of these on his 65"

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I had same dilemma. I have the exact same TV and was deciding what to do about placement when I bought my Arc. In the end I decided to just put the Arc in front of the TV - with the intention of finding a ‘better’ solution if it bothered me. 

Reality is that with letterboxing on most movies it is not even an issue. And for the few TV shows I watch or moves that are full screen then the TV is so big that unless you intentionally focus on the Arc it is not in the main field of vision anyway. 

try it and see. My workaround is to get some wood and build a raiser for the tv stand - but i’m not sure I’ll bother. 

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I’ve used a wood riser, a 2x4 rectangle topped with ½ plywood, nicely spray painted bricks, and with my latest TV the Sanus WSTV1 that the spouse is much fonder of.