No speech from rear speakers

  • 23 June 2017
  • 3 replies

I have a soundbar and 2 play:1' s connected to my samsung tv.
What i find when watching channels lije the news m is that speech only comes from the soundbar and the rear play:1's are quiet. Then the adverts come on the tv, the speech is replaced by music and the rear speakers come alive and ive got sound all around.

Is the speech only from the soundbar a feature of the system or have i not got the system set up correctly?

Does anyone else have this annoying feature?

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3 replies

It's neither a feature unique to Sonos or a setup problem, it is simply how 5.1 mixes are done. The speech is pinned to the action on the screen and the surrounds are used for surround effects. Some movies will have speech in the surrounds if a person off-camera is talking or for effects like a voice inside your head, but the main reason for the center speaker is to anchor the dialog to the characters on the screen.
Can Sonos release an update that allows speech to come through the playbar and surround play 1 speakers in Mono as a turn on or off feature ?
I believe that would fix alot of the dialogue/speech clarity issues people are having, while watching a movie or TV
It's been requested many, many times. The Community Moderators have indicated that they've passed the request on to the team, but it's anyone's guess as to whether it will get implemented.