No sound from play 1s when watching tv

  • 28 December 2015
  • 6 replies

No sound from play 1s when watching tv

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6 replies

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You're going to need to provide more information about your setup here. Are you using a Playbar connected to your TV? If so, are the Play:1 speakers bonded to the Playbar as surround sound speakers, or are they just grouped for stereo sound?

If you're not using a Playbar connected to your TV, what Sonos device with a Line In connection are you using to connect to your TV?
Hi Mike,
Thanks for your reply, the playbar is connected to the tv with a optical out, the 2 play 1s are connected as surround sound, when we play music using Spotify all works well, when we listen to anything via the tv very faint sound from play 1's even when turned up full from sorround setting
Thanks for your help
Hi Mike I am having a similar problem my new system I bought two days ago works perfectly with cable the optical cable is plugged in to the cable box when I go to watch a movie on Amazon or Netflix I get no sound I can continue to hear cable. Advice
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Surround is only supposed to play on a 5.1 audio configuration.
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First check is to make sure TV is passing a genuine 5.1 signal to the Playbar (can check in Settings / About My Sonos Sytem). After that the 5.1 has to have audio going through the rear chanels (normally just sound effects now and again). If the Playbar is supplied a stereo signal from the TV the rear surounds will be silent.
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Whita - if your optical lead is plugged into your cable box, that is the only audio source you will get from the playbar. Are you using amazon/netflix through the cable box or as apps on your tv?