No sound from Beam after turning on TV

  • 23 September 2018
  • 3 replies

I have a Panasonic OLED 65FZ950U. The HDMI cable from the beam is plugged into the ARC port on the TV. Sometimes when I turn the TV on, no sound comes from the beam. I check the TV sound setting and its set to TV, I change it to Home Cinema and a message pops up Invalid operation. I then unplug the HDMI cable from the beam, plug it back in and after a few seconds I get sound from the beam. TV HDMI input setting is set to digital. Not sure if this is a TV or Beam issue.

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3 replies

Technically, it’s a CEC issue. The system isn’t being initialized properly. My guess would be on the TV side, otherwise there would be thousands of post like this. Might be worth double checking that the TV’s firmware has been updated, if it offers that option. Might no hurt to do a full power cycle on the TV as well, by which I mean literally unplugging it from power/mains for a minute. Simply turning it off with a remote isn’t enough to reset the system, since it stays alive for the next time you power on the TV.
Thanks Airgetlam, the issue was with the TV. The fix was to turn off the Power On Link and Power Off link settings found in setup under Viera settings.
Outstanding. Thanks for coming back and sharing, so perhaps someone else will be helped.