no sound from amazon stick

  • 18 April 2019
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hi my surround won't work with my amazon fire stick and im stumped. Ive got a beam and 2 Sonos ones. thanks for any help

7 replies

What audio settings have you got on the output from the stick?
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the stick is a 4k fire stick in the right cdmi output on my tv. sorry im not good as this
I don't have a stick, but there's got to be some audio settings when you're using the stick. Some sort of menu where you can change the audio settings.

I'm looking at the Amazon website, and there appears to be a menu button on the remote. What happens when you push that button? Is there a menu item that says "Audio" or something like that?
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Ive tried every setting on the sound settings and nothing happens
Perhaps you may want to call Amazon, and ask them how to change the audio settings? Explain to them you're trying to get Dolby Digital out of the Fire Stick.
I have a similar issue. Im only getting stereo output from firestick 4K. When I go to Audio tab, I have to select "Best Available". If I choose Dolby Digital no sound at all comes out of playbar.

But If i switch inputs to an HD OTA antenna, I get 5.1 surround.

So frustrating!
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Getting audio from a source via the TV to the Beam depends on al devices. So if you can’t change audio on the Amazon device, try changing the audio output settings on your TV.