No Audio from Amazon Instant Video App on PS3

  • 8 September 2013
  • 7 replies

I just bought a Sonos Playbar and a bridge. I have a PS3 connected to a Samsung TV via HDMI. I have no audio issues with Netflix or other apps, however Amazon Instant Video doesn't seem to output any audio. Please advise.

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7 replies

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Are there any audio settings. I haven't tried on my PS3. I do know that Amazon has an issue with most devices that it won't do DD 5.1 (except with a Roku).
Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. I did change some settings that worked for Netflix(changed HDMI Audio Out to Bitstream). On Amazon Instant Video though, some videos like Iron Man 3 are working while others like Oblivion doesn't have any audio output. I was really excited with the audio quality from the playbar and various options that came with it- now i'm wondering that if this issue is due to some unsupported format, then is Sonos the correct choice. Please do share if you have any suggestions. Thanks, Ashish
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Hi Ashish, 

have you tried wiring the PS3 directly to the PLAYBAR to see if you will get audio from Amazon Instant Video then? 


Daniel H. 
Hi Daniel, I can try it later today and will update. Not sure if PS3 has a optical out though. My current setup is- PS3, Apple TV, STB connected to Samsung TV via HDMI. Samsung TV connected to Sonos Playbar via optical cable provided with the Playbar. Thanks Ashish
I have a similar issue. My PS3 plays the audio track to my Playbar, but no voices. This only happens in Amazon Prime. Netflix works perfectly. What is the fix? I have the PS3 going HDMI to the TV and then optical out to the Playbar. Other devices such as my DirecTV receiver work fine.
I have this problem as described by PR_Richardson - Getting background music and ambient sound through the surrounds but no dialogue track. Only with Amazon. Did anyone ever find a fix?
Yes I’m having th exact problem. HDMI into Samsung, optic into Samsung. Netflix, cable work fine but this is have no dialogue sound. Solutions?