No Airplay 2 for Playbar. GUTTED !!!!!

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Having recently purchased the playbar it is somewhat disappointing, but frankly not surprising given the age of the hardware design that it is not supported. Whilst it would be nice to have support for Airplay 2 natively in the existing hardware, it is nice to know that the overall ecosystem will still benefit via a One or Play 5. Must admit that If I’d realised there were fundamental hardware differences (beyond form factor) between the playbar and playbase with hindsight I’d have purchased the latter. But to be frank i fully expected to be upgrading the playbar once the inevitable HDMI equipped version (or substitute) comes out anyway. I’d factored that into my longer term ‘sonos’ plan. Yes I spent the money and expected to be dissapointed about the future proofness of the current model, but I am nontheless enjoying the benefits whilst I await a new model to be released. A new one can join the HT setup and the old one can move to another room and used as a ‘bumb’ speaker. More sonos in the house can only be a good thing 🙂
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That may be the first official confirmation that it will work much like Playbar and TV. You have to have the device playing in order to group to play to others. It will not serve from the speaker without playing.
I recently dove into the Sonos system, and have speakers in every room. As a recent purchaser, I am disappointed that hardware I purchased in the last 6 months does not support the latest software. In the case of the Play 1, I understand it being omitted as an upgraded model (One) is available. The Playbar on the other hand, is still being marketed as the "latest" and best offering, at the same price point as the Playbase, which I feel is a tad unfair. I am reserving my full reaction until a new Playbar is announced and/or airplay 2 support is live on the other products and I see if I even miss it.
Is it not clear that which speakers will have Airplay 2 is a technical issue not a marketing issue? And that Sonos are looking to provide a workaround for older speakers. Why are people whingeing about this free upgrade? And the One is not an upgrade of the Play:1. Ridiculous.
Where is the law that says that Sonos' pricing choices have to be "fair"? Who decides what "fair" is?