Next generation Playbar 2018?

  • 4 November 2017
  • 54 replies

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54 replies

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Looks good, but Sonos has the USP (for the moment) of a dedicated controller in the form of the CR200 which beats Bluesound's controller Aps.

However if a dedicated controller is of no interest and high quality sound is, then game on!

(PS - Of course the CR100 is better than the CR200 but that is another story!)
A USP that hasn't been sold in 5 years and was replaced by a free controller? I'm not sure you understand the concept of a unique selling point.
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New home theater Sonos product will be presented June 6 !
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Sonos needs to support the newer audio formats and Atmos. They do that and I'll gladly buy the new playbar (and it appears many other people will do so as well). They don't do that and I'm going to go with a traditional wired system. I love my 5.1 system but I want Atmos at home.

I am happy to have changed my sonos 5.1 to a heos 5.1 after 3 years of work-arounds. I added a connect to the heos (their app sux) so its part of my sonos ecosystem. I think i might swap the heos out for something like samsung hw-k950 with an attached sonos connect.