• 13 April 2017
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I've searched quite a bit (and the Sonos community search doesn't seem to be working) but can't find an answer to this: does the new Apple TV (sans optical) send all audio via DD 5.1? Specifically wondering about Netflix and DD+. If the source is DD+, does Apple TV transcode to DD 5.1?

Context: I'm using an HDMI switch with audio extractor to PLAYBASE.

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4 replies

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My 4th Gen Apple TV sends DD5.1. My TV passes through 5.1 so all is good for me. I've no experience with your HDMI switch but presume all should work well.
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Yes Apple TV transcodes DD5.1. It's one of my favourite pieces of kit.
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Believe you just need to make sure audio setting is on Dolby Surround rather than Auto and you should be all set.
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Great! And I assume that playing a DTS file using VLC etc will transcode to 5.1 as well?