Netflix Sky Q No Dolby 5.1 Beam

  • 26 April 2020
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I have recently purchased a beam and 2 One SL’s. I am loving the system but have one annoying problem. Everything plays fine on Sky Q but when I switch to the Netflix app, (via Sky Q), I have no sound  unless I play stereo audio format. Using the Netflix App on my smart TV also plays fine.


Not the end of the world as I say I can use the Smart TV app, but was wondering if anyone else had this issue or if I had set something up wrong.

2 replies

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@vom1207 Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. What is the TV make and model number? If you are using the SmartTV apps it would still come down to how the content from Netflix is playing/format then how the TV process/passes it out to the Beam. Please confirm how you have the TV wired into the Beam with HDMI Arc, optical or through any type of audio switch in between them. Also, does the TV allow you select the audio format being played from the Netflix TV app? I would ask that you re-create the audio issue after confirm the above information and settings and follow up here with an updated diagnostic report number when it is happening.

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As I understand it Sky Q uses a settop box. Have you looked at the sound settings of the STB? Foor surround you’d need everything set to Dolby Digital (not DD+).