Mute volume of speakers Grouped (not bonded) with Playbar when watching TV

  • 10 October 2016
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I've seen this topic in the Community asked and discussed in over 100 different ways (OK maybe not 100; but it sounds good for effect) :8

Although I'm not an engineer... I get why Sonos probably isn't going to make it possible to mute the volume of other speakers that are not BONDED; but GROUPED to the Playbar via the same remote that controls it (when watching TV). For those of us who already own Sonos it's not just a matter of a firmware upgrade.

BMWOT Sonos would have to design each speaker with an RF and/or BT receptor. IR would not work because it requires line-of-sight. There are other concerns for RF and BT signals but this is not the venue for that discussion. But even if Sonos were to make it happen (which someday they may) there is no way to grandfather existing Sonos speakers already in the field. To do so would require a massive recall/retrofit; which IMO would not be cost-effective for either side (i.e. Sonos or existing owners)

However, there's a mute the volume of other Sonos speakers Grouped to the Playbar when watching TV. This only works if you watch TV through a DVR. Just "pause" the picture which also mutes the volume (on everything)!. I know it works...because I tested my theory by grouping speakers in another room to my Playbar and pausing the picture. Not a sound from any speaker..NaDa, Ziltch,, Buttcus!

Ok...this is not what you were hoping for...but it's better than nothing for the time being. Provided you are watching TV through a DVR.


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2 replies

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Hey AjTrek1, thanks for the handy post! I'm sure this will be useful for some other users in the future. You can also press the play/pause button on the PLAYBAR itself to accomplish the same thing.
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You can also press the play/pause button on the PLAYBAR itself to accomplish the same thing.

Hi Tom

Thanks for the reply. To your quote...You are absolutely correct...assuming the user will get-up and walk over to the Playbar. LOL. 😳