Multiroom setup across S1 and S2 on airplay

  • 11 December 2022
  • 2 replies


I currently have a Beam Gen 1 set up with two IKEA Symfonisk bookshelf speakers as my surround sound system. I have just upgraded my TV and wanted to upgrade my sound system as well. So I bought a used Play 5 Gen 1 to utilize the trade up offer. And now I have my eyes on a used Sonos package with an Arc, Sub Gen 3 and One. I was wondering if I could downgrade the Beam Gen 1 to the S1 app to pair it with the Play 5 Gen 1 and One and then play with the rest of the S2 system over AirPlay? Either through Spotify or Apple Music. Worst case Youtube. 

2 replies

Hi. This all sounds a bit weird, if you will forgive my saying so.

You start out with components that are all compatible with S2. You buy a Play:5 gen1 purely to get the upgrade discount, and use it to buy more devices that are  compatible with S2, Then you actually use the Play5 gen 1, forcing you to split  your system.  You can then only play across all speakers using Airplay, which is rubbish.

What am I missing? 


Note that a given unit can only be used once for the upgrade. If the used PLAY:5 discount has already been taken, you will not receive a discount.

My suggestion would be to use the PLAY:5 discount, if possible, then resell it and keep the system at S2.