Multichannel PCM 5.1 dropping out since 14.10 update

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Update to this - For the last week, I’ve been using the cable recommended in in this thread and so far it’s been perfect. I will re post if I start having issues.

I finally found this thread after I’ve already had Apple replace my Apple TV (2022). I had a week where I thought the issue was fixed, but it was just luck since the problem is very intermittent for me. After that I finally suspected my LG C2 or the Beam Gen 2, since the issue before exclusively occurred on a single Apple TV.

Really disappointing there is no official fix for this, especially when the Arc is supposed to be fine.

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478 replies and Sonos hasn’t even acknowledged an issue. 

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478 replies and Sonos hasn’t even acknowledged an issue. 

Given how they’re currently going through a courageously disastrous new app rollout, that’s no surprise. They don’t care even if they screw over most of their users.

TLDR of the thread for prospective buyers who find their way here: If you own an LG TV, do not buy this product! The same issue does not exist for the Sonos Arc so it is likely a Sonos issue. However, it’s been 2 years since this thread and Sonos has done nothing (except wash their hands off of the issue).

Wish I'd found this thread before buying. LG G3 with Apple TV 4K. Beam 2. PCM 5.1 dropouts.

 It's going back to Amazon this week.


First Sonos purchase, horrible experience. Further to comments already made in this thread...I don't see how I could buy another Sonos product in good conscience given (1) the ramifications of this issue in the future, i.e. products suddenly become unusable following firmware updates and (2) the dismissive manner in which this has apparently been addressed. I loved the sound initially and was even thinking about buying more Sonos products, but nope.