Multi Stereo output for TV sources


I know this topic has been brought up in the past but it’s shocking that we still don't have this feature.  All Home AV Receivers give you the option to force multi channel stereo output to all speakers.  This is great for many reasons and can’t grasp why sonos hasn’t addle an option for this.  

I have an arc and two One SL’s and have them in my main room.  Due to this limitation and the space setup I just decided to have all 3 speakers configured as separate rooms so i can achieve this. I understand i’m giving up 5.0/1 setup but worth it for my use case.  Ideally sonos wouldn’t ’t’t force it’s customers to make this choice and give us an option.  Completely ridiculous,… I’ve fond posts dating back 6 years asking for this feature.  What gives sonos?!

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If you set up your One SLs as a separate room, you’re going to get a slight echo effect as the TV audio is buffered for multiroom audio.  Perhaps you’ve tried it out and it doesn’t bother you, but it isn’t acceptable for most.

As far as the request for multiaudio stereo, I would be in favor of that as well.  I don’t think I’d use it personally (at least not as intended), but can see where it would be useful to some.


I don't notice an echo and I'm sensitive  to that stuff.