movie on Curzon home sounds echoey

  • 28 March 2021
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I have a new setup.  Sonos Arc + Sonos ceiling rears and Sonos sub with Sonos Amp.  Watching Freeview programs from TV, sound fine.  Watching Netflix from Roku stick via Arcana sound great

Last night watched Ammonite from TV Curzon Home and the sound was slightly echoey.  Why would that be?  Is there a cure for next time?


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3 replies

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Hi @Tudor, thanks for reaching out.


When you say it sounded echoey - did it sound like an echo between the Arc and the surrounds? If so, rebooting the surrounds by unplugging the Amp for 10 seconds then plugging back in should solve it. If it’s anything else, I suggest reproducing the issue (if you can), submitting a diagnostic report and getting in touch with our customer care team who can look closer at what’s going on with your setup.


The issue with the echo  was only when watching the movie from Curzon Home cinema which came from the Samsung TV app.  Other sound from the TV does not have the echo.   I wondered if there was something in the coding of the sound that might do something.


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If it’s just from that one source then yes, there’s a possibility that Curzon is broadcasting an unsupported audio codec that your TV is converting to something it supports. This could cause strange behaviour in the audio such as echoes or artifacting.