Mounting playbar higher than 2 inches above a TV

  • 20 February 2017
  • 4 replies

I have a large TV that is slightly tilted downwards, meaning that the top of the TV is 6.5" away from the wall. If I mount my playbar on the top, just 2" above the TV makes me think a lot of the sound would get trapped behind the screen. Does anyone have a recommendation for how much higher I should go?

The playbar has to be mounted above, as if it was underneath, it'd be within range of (and therefore eventually destroyed) by my daughter.

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4 replies

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As an AV Contractor I'd bring it forward on a 2x6 cut to fit the PlayBar Mount, so that its close to flush with the 6-1/2". You'll be happier you did this in the end.
Hmm, I hadn't thought about adding some material to bring the soundbar back flush to the TV. So a 2x6 on edge (so the 2" side takes the playbar mounting) whilst the 6" gives it the depth from the wall.

From the front I think that would look OK, but not sure I'd be happy with the overall look of it. Would it be a definite no no to install it on the wall, but say 6" higher than the TV?
I used to have a rear projection Sony TV, which sat on a stand that had no room for the Playbar. What I ended up doing was going to a local plastics company and had them make a "stand" that sat on the top of the TV, so I could place my Playbar on it. Took a little bit of design on my part, making sure the "back" legs were the right height so that the speaker would stay on top of the TV, but it worked for several years, until I ended up finally succumbing to a flat screen. But the plastic stand was out of clear plastic, and was barely seen sitting on top of the TV. You may think about more of a shelf than a mount, to reduce the visual impact that you seem to be concerned about.
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No, a 2x6 flat on the wall. The Playbar is 3.35 x 35.43 x 5.51 and a 2x6 is 1.75 x 5.5. Maybe better to use a 2x4x28" as the base against the wall then 1" finish pine in the dimensions to fit the Wall Mount Kit 3.15 x 31.5 x 0.53 in.- that'll give you the Playbar sitting pretty at 6.1 off the wall.