Mini Sonos SUB - Smaller in Size and Power

  • 12 November 2013
  • 16 replies

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A Sonos user would like to have a smaller version of the SUB, in size and power.

What do you think about it?

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16 replies

I agree. We just love Sosos, but for our new condo the subwoofer is overkilll and would be an eyesore. Please Sonos consider adding a smaller and more compact subwoofer to your offering!
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Good idea to go with the new beam bar, the current sub is effectively a 12 inch sub just drop one driver and cut the sub size in half and launch a 6 inch sub
@Kumar --- There are many Sonos lovers out there that live in apartments in big cities. The current sub is simply too powerful for these situations.
I have 2 subs, but I would purchase several more smaller subs for zones where the full size sub is simply too large and overkill. Much like there are different speaker sizes for different applications, a smaller sub would pair nicely and round out the product portfolio.
I would buy the smaller sub the second it comes out
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And make it weather proof for out doors.  
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Do it
Yes! Instant buy!
I concur with this as well. The current sub, although great sounding, is massive. I would love to see something I can sneak behind or under the couch. A few other brands have developed this but I can't speak for the sound.
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I'd find a half the current price sub very tempting, at the current price I turn of my Sonos speakers and fire up my ZonePlayer and antique audio system.
Das ist eine wunderbare Idee, schon wegen den Nachbarn im Haus.
To a large extent, how sound waves work drives the size of the box. A smaller Sub would almost certainly not suffice once rooms reach the size of a normal room at home. Doesn't the Sub fit under most couches?
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@Kumar --- There are many Sonos lovers out there that live in apartments in big cities. The current sub is simply too powerful for these situations.

I can see the logic and appral, but other than the size in terms of placement and maybe a lower price, what would a smaller sub do that the current sub at reduced volume does? My house is not that karge (i could fit the entire house into the lounge of my previous house!) but i have a sub in the kitchen and another in a modest size liunge. Both do a lot to enhance movies and fill out the music. I just dial back the relative level in settings so the bass does not overwhelm the room and get too annoying for the neighbours. Luckily i have thick walls and they have never complained (did a test once from their house and got to 80% before we could even hear the bass. Even at max they could not identify the song lol). But seriously, other than lower proice a smaller sub is basically the current sub at lower volume is it not?
@Sonosjunkie -- agreed, lowering the output of the sub is a viable, but very costly (in terms of money and space) option.
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smaller sub to go with the beam, would buy it, the current one is bit pricey in Australia 999$ and bit too big for small areas maybe
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I can see the logic here but wouldn't a smaller sub be then regarded as a 2nd rate product a bit like the small Bose Sub's reputation. I have the big sub and think it rocks in combo with the beam and I initially thought it was too big but now SWMBO hardly notices it 🙂