Make the PLAYBAR in White

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7 sonos-products.... very pleased with them and a White LED TV , just waiting to kick out the surround speakers... if the playbar is released in white. Wont put a black box there....
All of my components are in white in my living room, aswell as all of my sonos play:3 and play:5.... Are there any plans on bringing the Playbar in white? I'm waiting for the white playbar,.. and the white sub too!!! I'll definitely buy them when they'll come in white
Yes please, please. please, I would love a white Playbar, would match the rest of my SONOS components, so makes real sense to me.
Yes please, please. please, I would love a white Playbar, would match the rest of my SONOS components, so makes real sense to me.
Bitte bringt die PLABAR endlich in weiß auf den Markt!
Hejsan!!! jag skulle också köpa den direkt om den fanns i vitt! I would definitely buy a white playbar! Glada Hälsningar Philip
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This must be possible, not? White for PLAYBAR, White for SUB!
Make the playbar in white edition and I buy one immediately, all my other components are white.
I am the happy owner of a Sonos system and I want to extend it with a subwoofer and soundbar. But why is it not available in white, like the rest of the system? I dont want to buy until it comes in the color white because it looks silly on a white bookcase with white speakers on a white wall!
Some of the line up are white, why not full range in white? I would like a playbar but in white. I have everything else in white. Please make the playbar in white and I will buy one directly.
All my products from Sonos are in white. Why don't you make the playbar in white? Please do. Thank you!
Make the sound bar and sub white and I am in ... and believe me I already have a Play:5, a Play: 3, and just bought 3 Play:1
Hi Gordon,
still no news ?
Hi Gordon,
I wait for a white SONOS soundbar too.
You should really stick to your colorscheme: black and white!
Can you give an update Sonos? for all of us that are planing to invest in playbars...
As already mentioned by other people, all my Sonos equipment is white, therefore I'd like a white version of the playbar and sub. Thanks very much in advance.
As mentioned before by other people, the rest of my HiFi is colored white, so therefore I would like to buy a white playbar and sub. Thanks in advance for this option Sonos
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Please sonos ! Im designing my new living room, with all white components, the color of the sizable playbar is a deal breaker
I have a complete white Sonos setup and would buy the white soundbar right away. For all my tv sets at home and in my company.

So +1 (or rather +10)

I currently only have a White TV and no additional homecinema set or speakers. I want to buy two Sonos Play 1 devices, but I can't connect them to my TV. I have to buy a Sonos Connect to play my TV audio on those speakers (Or Play 5, but it's too big). But I don't want to pay €350 to only connect the Sonos Play 1 speakers to my tv. In that case I prefer to also buy a Sonos Playbar which I could directly connect to my tv, but then it should really become available in white!! The technology is there, so only put it in a white casing. Please, bring it to us this christmas!
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Yep I want a sonos system but I want to keep all the units the same as my TV and other components in the room so I won't stsrt building a system until the playbar is available in white. Hurry up Sonos!
Same here. The only thing stopping me from buying is the color.
I definitively want this in white as well. It would nice to know how many "likes" this needs in order to become implemented. People wanting a white soundbar doesn't really have a lot of options these days (unless you want some cheap crap) so I reckon it could boost the sales from people outside the "sonos community" as well.
Now two white Play 1  are on my xmas wishlist. All I need is  a white Playbar. What's holding you guys back?
Were is the comments from SONOS? Make a white sub and playbar for my 2 new white play 1 please.