Make the PLAYBAR in White

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All of my components are in white in my living room, aswell as all of my sonos play:3 and play:5.... Are there any plans on bringing the Playbar in white?

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Hi Benjamin, I have moved your suggestion to the Ideas section so other Sonos customers can add their +1 and opinion to this. I have no information at this time about the Sonos PLAYBAR coming out in another color.
Hi Benjamin, I have the same request. All my components are also in white (3 play5 and 1 play3). I dearly hope the playbar will be available in white as well as the Sub. White is very appreciable, you do not see the dust as much as on black.. Thanks in advance Sonos!
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I have a Samsung UE50ES6710, a white led TV. I think a white PLAYBAR will be a perfect match for this TV,
Making a white/alu soundbar is the only way forward. It tends to be a prominent element i the living room. A white one won't be as dominant as a black one.
Even I've got a white Samsung TV, with a white PS3 slim. A white Playbar will complement it perfectly.
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It would be nice to get a PLAYBAR and a SUB in white.
The only thing holding me back from ordering a Playbar is that I hope a white edition will appear soon. I'm too the owner of a white tv 🙂 - my play 5 and play 3 are also white...
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I'm sure they'll bring it out in gloss black first, you know, to match the Sub :rolleyes:
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I'm waiting for the white playbar,.. and the white sub too!!! I'll definitely buy them when they'll come in white.
me too
Hi Gorden, Any news from the Ideas section concerning this request? Is there hope and in a near future? Thanks and best regards
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Hi Daniella, We pass all ideas along to our Product Development team and they give us status updates. Currently this idea is marked as Under Consideration. We will adjust the status accordingly if this changes. Best, Gordon
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After a bad support (white color for SONOS PLAYBAR as prototype) of the marketing agency of SONONS Germany we have dropped a media project and will now work together with Bose. They are more flexible. It seems so that SONOS is not interested in networking with TV producers. Unfortunatly.
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No playbar for me until it's in White (and supports DTS).
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I think to change to Bose system because SONOS is not flexible enough. I Asked for a white PLAYBAR for a documentation in TV for Germany. SONOS is not able to deliver a prototype in white. Bose is more flexible in this point.
Will buy Playbar as soon as you release it in white.
Agree a I would buy a white playbar in an instant if available. Lets wait and see (ps the same would go for the sub by the way, I have a decent sub but having a sonos version would be a great way to get rid of a lot of excess audio cable).
Make a white playbar and it's bought immediately!
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No comment from SONOS?
Same here, I would buy two. It doesn't make sense that the other Play products are available in white but not Playbar.
I would also like to see a white collection of the playbar and possible sub
Same here...I'll definitely buy it when it'll come in white!
I also would buy one directly if it's white
I would definitely buy a white playbar.
When it is available in white I will by one...