Loud Short Buzz Coming from Beam after TV is turned off

  • 11 December 2018
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28 replies

Pogi - I don’t understand exactly how to do it, can you explain it to a slow dude like me? 😂 Thanks! 🙏🏼

My setup: LG C8, Sonos beam and Apple TV 4K.
On your settings for lg tv you have an option to have a tone when your tv is turned on or off ,you have to turn that tone to off, it is the lingering data noise that creates the buzz. Also if you leave Netflix on but turn TV off you will get that buzz to. Sorry but I won’t have TV access for a while, so I can’t get to specific about turning the beep off. Google can help u for turning the on off beep for LG TV. . Hope this helps
Pogi - Thanks a lot, problem solved with closing Netflix on my Apple Tv before turning of the tv. GREAT! Thanks again Pogi! 👍🏼