Loss of Audio Through Arc Sub (On/Off Flip-Flopped)

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I thought I posted this, but it disappeared. If it is double posted, my apologies.

I just started getting where I lose audio out of my Sub linked to the Arc. I noticed that if I toggle the Sub from "On" to "Off" in the Sonos app, I get the audio back. Recovering the Arc and Sub fix the issue, but eventually it returns. Is anyone else experiencing this or am I doing something. I know this sounds odd, but it is definitely happening is it has occurred a few times in the past few days. Thanks for the help


Diagnostic Report #1207564481

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You're experiencing the same issue, introduced by the 14.6 firmware update last month, we're struggling with in this thread:



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Oh. Thabk you so much. At least I'm not losing my mind. Every uodate from Apple TV causes a new issue and now this was happening. I thought I was headed to the funny farm. Thanks again.