List of TV’s that will pass 5.1 from HDMI Sources to Playbar

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Would you mind listing your TV and mode/year in this thread if you have tested it and confirmed it will pass DD 5.1 to the Playbar and from what source. This will help those of us in the market for a new TV and playbar.



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I can confirm that 5.1 works on a VIZIO E601i-A3 60-inch.
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I can confirm that LG42LH5000 works.
I get 5.1 from optical out, and input to TV is HDMI.

This is not an high end model, and is from 2009.
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Does anybody know of any 70" models that are for sale now that will work? I want to get one and was hoping the Sony KDL70R550A would work or the Vizio M701D-A3.
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I'm pretty sure most Sony HDTVs released in the last few years pass 5.1 through their optical out ports.

On page 78 of the KDL70R550A manual:

PCM/Dolby Digital optical signal
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Thanks, I have seen that in the specs along with something similar for Vizio but some have found that it only applies to the internal tuner or some built in apps on some TVs not to the pass thru (for my roku or blu-ray).
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I have both my PLAYBARs hooked up to Sony TVs, one two years old, the other a month old and both pass 5.1 through the optical port just fine.
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Anyone tried the SAMSUNG PS64D8005 specifically?

I have just the build-in speakers and am in love with the Playbar. I know I will get great sound whatever will replace the build in speakers but knowing that it could be even better is bad...

If the TV doesn't pass what would be the solution to connect my INTEL NUC XBMC box HDMI out to the playbar and still send HDMI to the TV and sound directly to the Playbar?
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When the receiver (i.e Home Theatre) is set to On, you can hear sound
output from the TV’s Optical jack. When
the TV is displaying a DTV (Aerial)
signal, the TV will send out 5.1 channel sound to the receiver. When the
source is a digital component such as a DVD and is connected to the TV via
HDMI, only 2 channel sound will be heard from the receiver.
This i not verified by me but it doesn't look good for my TV.

Any ideas to a splitter?
Movie signal is from an Intel NUC with XBMC and just HDMI out so I guess I need a splitter/converter with (HDMI passthrough and) optical out in DD5.1 right?
I have both my PLAYBARs hooked up to Sony TVs, one two years old, the other a month old and both pass 5.1 through the optical port just fine.

What model Sony TV is the newer one? Thanks.
Anybody having a newer Panasonic LCD TV connected to the Playbar?

I think about buying either a Sony 46-W905 or a Panasonic 47-DTW60, both 2013 models...

Would be great to know if either one is capable of passing through DD5.1 (good chance, that the sony does it, though)

Best regards,
I have a newer Panasonic smart TV. . .when I use it to play either Netflix or Amazon content that is in 5.1 it plays thru the soundbar nicely at 5.1 (checked it via the App). However, when switch to watching cable (Verizon FiOS) the sound quality drops and the app says "stereo" input. The cable box is set to output surround and with my other (non playbar) systems in the house 5.1 works fine.

So what is going on? I thought the issue was with the TVs not passing 5.1 thru the toslink cable but if I can get it with Netflix/Amazon, why isn't it working with my cable box?

It's possible the Panasonic won't pass 5.1 from the HDMI inputs (this wouldn't be the first TV to do such a thing). The SmartTV choices are internal to the TV.
Seems to be that all Panasonics do NOT pass through 5.1 from HDMI input....

Sony seems to do so?! Can anybody check with a new one (W905 or W805)

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New w805 purchased and passing 5.1 superbly well
Have to say the sound on hd channels is amazing on the playbar and sub
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I have a sharp Aqous tv about 2 years old, i switched my optical input to go directly from bell PVR and Apple TV box via a splitter to the playbar, I am in canada will this solve the problem or do I need to buy an oppo blu ray or is there any other manufactured blu rays that do the same thing?
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I can confirm the new Vizio M-seriels pass full DD 5.1 from all sources.

Personally tested and verified on the following:

In the audio menu, turn off internal speakers and set optical out to Bitstream, instead of PCM. Awesome!
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My new Toshiba TV passes DD5.1 through. It's:

Toshiba 50L5200U
Software version Jun 19 2012 - 10:37FW:1.12

I don't have a Playbar yet, but will likely get one as we're going to be mounting this TV to the wall and hang the Playbar underneath.

How did you find out if the TV passes DD5.1 without a playbar? I don't have a playbar yet and am getting a new TV soon, would like that TV to be playbar compatible. Need a way to test the TVs in the showroom before settling down with one.
Perhaps the sales staff could connect the TV to an AV receiver (or something similar) that can indicate presence of a 5.1 input.
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This is interesting... when asked Samsung officially states that none of their TVs support 5.1 passthrough. I sent an email to their support online asking for a list of TVs that support the feature and this was the response

Dear djc6535,

Thank you for contacting Samsung.

I understand that you are looking for a Samsung TV that outputs 5.1 audio through Digital audio out using the optical cable.

Thank you for choosing Samsung.

I would be happy to provide you with the necessary information.

I have checked all our resources and I see that the HDMI input on Samsung TV cannot pass Digital 5.1 Surround Sound to the Digital Optical Audio output jack. Samsung TV can pass only 2.1 surround sound to the Digital Optical Audio output jack.

If you want Digital Video and Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, you must connect the video output of your source to your TV using DVI or HDMI, and connect the digital audio output from your source directly to the digital audio input of your Home Theater System or Stereo. You can also convert the 2.1 surround sound output from TV to 5.1 surround sound on the home theatre.

For example, if you have connected the source (a DVD player) to your TV using the DVI, or HDMI, you would then connect the digital audio output from that source (the DVD player) to the digital audio input on your Home Theater System or Stereo.
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Strange, my Samsung LE40C750 (2010) always shows Dolby Digital 5.1. Whether I watch TV or Netflix via my Apple TV (HDMI).
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Hello Forum,

First post, new member.

My Samsung UE55F9000STXXU is sending a Dolby Digital output to my Sonos Playbar (both bought at the same time as the TV, 10 days ago). The TV is running firmware version 1008, and came with 1006 installed, it upgraded as part of the setup. I am UK based, and am using Sky+ HD, Apple TV, Samsung BD-F7500/XU Blue Ray, and X-Box. My Sonos system is 'up to date'.

To enable Dolby Digital I did the following:

Happy chappy!

I read plenty of posts and horror stories on this Forum, and figured it out. Just got to save up for my Play 1's to finish the surround part...................

I hope this information is of use to some of you.
Welcome to the forum.

Note that your Playbar reports receiving a DD 2.0 signal from your Samsung. DD 2.0 is not a surround sound format.

This thread is to document those TV's that provide a native DD 5.1 output, which is a surround format.
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Hi NoBoB,



I only have a Playbar & Sub, no surround speakers...........yet. Prior to configuring the Sky box, the About Sonos Setting was reporting 2ch Stereo not DD2.0. Lastly after configuring the Sky box, to output DD over HDMI, I was able to tell the TV to output DD through the optical connection, this 'feature' was greyed out and not accessible prior to enabling DD over HDMI in the Sky settings.
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Lastly after configuring the Sky box, to output DD over HDMI, I was able to tell the TV to output DD through the optical connection, this 'feature' was greyed out and not accessible prior to enabling DD over HDMI in the Sky settings.

Hmm... my Sky+ HD box doesn't seem to want to let me output DD over HDMI. On the Sound settings page it has one line for Audio Output - with the option for Mono or Stereo, then another line for Digital Audio Output - Optical (which I can set to DD), but no option for Digital Audio Output - HDMI....

Any ideas? How did you get to the option to set the HDMI audio?
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I think the answer to my own post is to get a newer Sky box...looks like mine doesn't support DD over HDMI 😞