LG YouTube App issue with playbar

  • 28 August 2017
  • 4 replies

I'm having issues with my LG oled B6 (running webOS) and the native YouTube app.

When I play a video, the audio doesn't play most of the time. If I reload the video, audio does sometimes kick in, but it's inconsistent.

If I switch the audio to LG SoundSync (optical) then the audio plays fine. But standard optical (Optical/HDMI AMC).

Wassup wit dat then?

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4 replies

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Hey fosman, we're currently keeping track of an issue here which I believe you're experiencing. We'll be announcing in that thread when it's been resolved and what you might need to do to get it.

I'll go ahead and make a ticket here for you so you get notified when the update is ready to go.
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That's odd fosman. I have the exact same setup/options, and I used the Youtube app last night without any issue. I'll take a look at my LG firmware tonight and see what that's at.
Same issue here, with the Netflix app and also watching T.V.. I have an LG UH8500 set on the Audio Out (opticle/HDMI Arc), when it drops out I can switch it to LG sound sync (opticle) and the sound will kick back on but I can only get stereo and not 5.1. Please let me know what I can do. Thanks in advance.
I'd recommend that you post in this thread: