LG OLED55C7P Magic Remote Will Not Control Soundbar Volume after following SONOS pairing instructions

  • 25 December 2017
  • 3 replies

I followed SONOS's article about pairing LG Magic Remote to control TV audio using SONOS Soundbase. The magic remote still works, but it does not control volume anymore. Oddly I need to use my Apple TV remote to control volume on the Soundbase. Anyone else experience this problem and come up with a fix?

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3 replies

I have the 65" version of this TV and was able to set up the Magic Remote as follows:

1) Go to home on the TV and select "Devices" by scrolling along the tabs along the bottom just like like you would select an app like Netflix from the tabs. (Pressing the STB button as suggested for this TV in another post did nothing for me maybe because the remote was already controlling the set top box)
2) Select "soundbar" and you see a message that your sound output setting will change: select "yes" and also select "optical" from the choices on the left
3)Select "Philips" as the manufacture and Select type 1 remote
4) .exit to main menu, then select setup (the cogwheel under CH down), select All Settings (not "sound")
5)under sound, select sound out,and make sure that "opticalI' is selected', and that SIMPLINK is turned off.
7) go to your Sonos app, select More > Room Settings> the room where your home theatre is installed > Tv Setup and Control
8.follow the instructions, basically wanting you to press volume up, ( some posts say followed by then down x3 then mute but I think I just did the vol up but dont really remember)

It works fine but but only a + and - vol direction appear on the screen rather than a sliding scale.
Follow Sonos instructions here but choose Phillips as manufacturer and Remote Type 4.
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Hello there, Myles_1. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. If you go into the PLAYBASE settings, remove the remote control and re-pair the Magic Remote does the issue persist? I've seen things like this happen when users use the AppleTV remote to control their PLAYBASE/PLAYBAR but use another remote for Mute/Channel changes.

Let me know if you find this helpful!