LG OLED TVs and Beam - DD 5.1

  • 23 July 2018
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Has anyone had an issue using the internal apps on their LG OLED and the Beam? I find that although the Beam sees DD5.1 something is very wrong sometimes as the sound passed is so quiet on some channels it is impossible to hear without turning it up high and then the loud sounds are way, way too loud.

It is like the mix is getting messed up by the TV.

Initially I thought it was an issue for all content but subsequent testing using the same apps on Xbox One reveals the sound is significantly better in Dolby Digital via the Xbox than via the TV's internal apps. An example being Dunkirk the start of the film. The sound of the paper blowing in the air is missing using the Rakuten TV app on the TV. Unless you set to stereo. However use the app via the Xbox and you can hear the noise of the paper more clearly.

It is a marked difference. I know there is a general DD5.1 voice/effects mixing issue that is inherent in general and that Sonos products not offering tools to defeat this is an issue. But I'm not talking about that. I'm talking channels are basically missing in the mix using the LG OLED apps.

Weirdly it isn't equal across all content. On Amazon prime, Goliath is fine. But any 5.1 action movie (I tested inglorious bastards) is ridiculously hard to hear voices but explosions are so loud they shake the room. Using prime video via the xbox and then the voices are much, much louder. Anyone experienced this?

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