LG OLED TV + Playbar

  • 20 November 2017
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I am debating on getting one of those OLED Tvs by LG. I am looking at two models:

C7P and B7A

I believe the only difference between the two is that the C7P supports Dolby Atmos. I understand that currently Sonos does not support the Atmos Codec. However, if in the future Sonos does decide to support Atmos would I need to get the TV with Atmos support now?

Keep in mind I do not use a cable box or blu-ray or anything other than an Apple TV.

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4 replies

They have great prices on the 2017 B7 C7 models. I have the C7/Playbar/sub/2play1s and love it! The 2018 LG Models will be out in March. Check Youtube for the improvements coming in March
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Get the C7, the bezel is nicer. Atmos is of little concern for Sonos users right now.
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Sonos will never implement Atmos. They won't even pony up for the DTS license from Dolby.

That being said; you should buy the C7 as they are priced roughly the same right now. I got mine for $1999 at bestbuy within the last week. I have not seen the B7 any cheaper than that.
I have the same question