LG oled tv + arc + sub + sonos amp

  • 17 July 2022
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I am newbie to sonos family. I have a lg oled tv. And i have recently purchase -

sonos arc for lcr

sonos sub

sonos amp with two klipsch ceiling speakers


1. Can i setup my ceiling speakers as surround to be used with TV? how to do this? Will there be a lag in surround speakers if it is connected to arc wirelessly?


  1. if i play music in my living room, will arc and sub and speakers play together and work perfectly? Or by setting them as surround i cant enjoy the music?
  2. someone mentioned to me sonos sub isnt compatible with ceiling speakers even if connected via sonos amp. Whats the practical implication of this if this is correct? If i am okay always playing arc and sub and amp together, am i really losing out on something?

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  1. Yes.  See this link:
  2. It will work fine.
  3. Sub will work fine in that setup.

Thanks. Your link shows details on sonos connect amp as surround. But it doesnt talk about sonos amp, the new version. Does sonos amp also need ethernet connection to be used as surround?



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No it does not, at least on my iPad. The linked page does itself contain a link to a warning about this for the Connect:amp only. The Amp is capable of receiving the dedicated 5Ghz connection Sonos uses for surround purposes, so does not need to be cable connected.