LG OLED C1 and Sonos Arc - volume control

  • 25 November 2021
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I have a Sonos Arc connected via HDMI to an LG OLED C1, with eARC and HDMI-CED enabled. Most things work fine, including the LG magic remote (I didn’t have to do any Universal Remote configuration, it just works) and I only had to change a couple of settings on the TV to get full surround sound working.


That said, with the Arc connected I can’t see the volume level - the vertical bar that normally appears when you’re changing the TV volume level. If I disconnect the Arc, I get the vertical bar back, but with the Arc connected then all I see is a + button, a - button and a sound icon when I change the volume level. It works, but that useful piece of information is missing. I can see it on the Sonos app, if I look there, but not on the TV screen. This suggests some kind of communication failure between the Arc and the LG TV, with the actual volume level not being shared.


Anybody else seen this or have an idea what might be the problem?


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It’s actually the way LG is designed to work with any CEC speaker. There isn’t much you can do here except complain to LG about the missing interface element.