Issues with Trueplay Calibration for Sonos Beam 2 and Era 300 Surround Setup


I am experiencing difficulties with the Trueplay calibration of my Sonos system. Here are the details of my setup and the issues I have encountered:

  • **Configuration:**
    - Sonos Beam 2
    - Two Era 300 configured in surround mode
    2 iPhone used for calibration
    - Linksys Hydra Pro 6E router with repeater Linksys VELOP Pro 6E (disabled for testing)
    - All devices are updated to the latest firmware version

**Issue encountered:**
Individually, the Trueplay calibration works correctly on the Beam 2 and on each Era 300. However, when the Era 300 are configured in surround mode with the Beam 2, I am unable to start the Trueplay calibration.

**Additional details:**
- The Era 300 automatically connect to a WiFi network created by the Beam 2. I have attempted to disable the WiFi on the Beam 2 so that all devices connect to my main network, without success.
- I have reset all devices multiple times and tried different network configurations (with and without repeater).
The only thing I haven’t tried is connecting them only to my ISP's box (but it should still work with my router and the goal is to have it work with my router in the long term…). Is there a specific setting that I might have missed that is necessary?
- The Era 300 are placed 3 meters apart, as recommended by Sonos, and I have also tried moving them closer.
- The problem persists despite several attempts and adjustments to the configuration.

Thank you in advance for helping me resolve this issue. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated to fully enjoy my audio system.

Best regards,
Dylan ODIE.

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Same her….impossible to run trueplay…it gives an error message at the end of the first stage   

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Same her….impossible to run trueplay…it gives an error message at the end of the first stage   

Trueplay is a known issue that they are fixing in forthcoming updates (hopefully!!).

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Hopefully no other problems will appear at that point….sonos app is like the box of Pandora…new surprises every time

Same problem with ARC + 2 ERA300.It seems to me to be a serious mistake on the part of Sonos