issues with Apple Tv audio on Sonos via Airplay2

  • 8 September 2019
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I’m using projector and an Apple TV HD (4th gen) for movies and streams the audio to Sonos with Apple Airplay 2. Using a pair of Sonos ones and a Sonos sub. It almost works but I’m experiencing some issues:

1..every time I turn on the Apple TV I need to select the audio output to Airplay 2. But only if I’ve listened to music on Sonos in between. If I haven’t listened to music then the Apple TV plays the audio on my Sonos correctly next time I turn it on.m

2..Sometimes the Audio get distorted in the middle of a movie and I get an echo-like effect. If I pause the movie and press play again the echo effect is gone and the audio sounds fine.

3..if I watch a movie on Netflix or HBO, and then play something on YouTube afterwards, then there’s no audio playing on Sonos. I then have to manually go to th Apple TV settings and deselect Apple airplay and then select it again for the Audio to work.

Does anyone hav a similar setup without these issues? Would replacing my Apple TV with a Apple TV 4K (5th generation) fix these issues?

Or maybe replace the Apple TV with a Chrome Tv or PlayStation 4. (With Sonos port?) Playbar and beam is not really an option because my projector screen hangs down from the ceiling in the middle of the living room.



3 replies

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No. 1 I believe is a known issue with Apple TV and Airplay. The Apple TV resets the Airplay selektion from time to time going in and out og standby. It has something to do with its network-setting. Therese is a trick which works for me users, not me, where IP is switch from auto to manual. Try this:


No. 2 sounds like a WiFi issue. Airplay is very differentieret from the Sonos system and, in my experience, a lot more exposed to WiFi issues. 

I have an Apple TV 4k and also experience no. 1 and sometimes no. 2. 

I have the exact same issues, two Sonos one connected to an Apple TV via airplay…  random echoey sound.

have you been able to fix it?