Issue with Playbar going into ‘pause burst’ with sky tv

  • 6 November 2017
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I have only had the Playbar for a week so I am not sure if this is only since the last update I got a couple of days ago although this has happened constantly since then only so it could be.

When changing channel from HD to non HD on my sky q box I lose sound and need to either open the sonos app and change to a music source and flick back to TV spurce to get sound or switch the sky box on/off standby. When viewing the about my sonos section of the app it says the audio spurce is pause burst. I am connected directly to the sky q box with optical not through the tv and it’s set perfectly in Dolby Digital with rest sound in usually Dolby dogital 5.1 or 2.0 depending on the channel. I suspect it’s channels that aren’t plain stereo the change is causing it to go into this pause burst and stop putting out sound.

I submitted a diagnostic from the app code: 8052223

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12 replies

Since it works when connected to the Sky TV box, and only does this "pause burst" when connected to the TV, doesn't that point to an issue with the TV's optical port in some way? Or am I misunderstanding your post?
Sorry I may have not made sense since intruded this up on my phone.

The Playbar is hooked up directly to the sky box, not the TV. It’s happened at least once every time I have watched the tv on at least 1 of the channels I have been through for the last 2 days since I applied an update that popped up in the app.

The week prior since getting the Playbar it never happens once this issue and as you can imagine when testing it was going through all channels etc so I think it could be related to the update.
Ah, yea, I didn't understand that. I'd certainly recommend that if it's happening when the optical cable is connected to the Sky Box, I think you've done the right thing by posting that diagnostic. Hopefully someone from Sonos will swing by and look at it soonish.
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Any word from anyone at sonos? Unfortunately I am working during the hours for telephone support.
I'd suggest if you don't get satisfaction here, you try the other means of support, see
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I've seen this query a handful of times, and I'm almost certain it relates to a faulty Playbar / Playbase. You get the bursts of silence because Sky is changing the sound format on the fly. So for example if you're watching The Deuce on Sky Atlantic (amazing show btw!) it outputs in 5.1 but then switches to PCM 2.0 for adverts (for example). I know other posters have complained about this before too.

Also, if you have Sky Q then you're having a dual problem because Sky Q is sooooooo buggy, especially with outputting DD5.1.
Yeah I have been able to pinpoint it to be when its changing from 5.1 to PCM/Stereo. Everything else works great on sky q with Dolby Digital. Can they confirm if the PLaybar is faulty from the diagnostic report?
I have the same issue. Any update or solution suggested here.
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Having the same problem. Playbar via optical to sky Q box, sky box to tv via hdmi. Sound dropping out on SD channels but not all the time. Also, programmes recorded or downloaded losing sound too. Have submitted a diagnostic. It’s an absolute pain. The set up worked perfectly well on old Sky box.
You'll need to post the diagnostic number, or call in to talk to them. I don't think they look at all diagnostics, since there's no way within the diagnostic to know what they're looking for.
contacted support sent a diagnostic - awaiting response.